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Sunday, January 13, 2019

After Suicide Bid, Hyderabad couple Marries in Hospital

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The protagonists-- a Muslim couple in Vikarabad district of Telangana-- tied the knot in a hospital after their parents, who initially did not agree to their wedding, came around when they allegedly attempted suicide.

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Dikshit to Fight 2019 Battle With 3 Deputies From Minorities. But Will the Experiment Spell Success in Delhi?

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Set the stage for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress on Thursday announced that Dikshit will have three deputies — Rajesh Lilothia, 48, Devender Yadav, 41, and Haroon Yusuf, 53.

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Kumaraswamy Promises One-Stroke Implementation of Rs 46,000-Crore Loan Waivers in Karnataka Budget

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Kumaraswamy has come in the line of fire of BJP leadership, including PM Modi, who has been mocking the scheme, saying it had only offered a "lollipop" for an insignificant number of farmers.

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They Want Empire, We Want Empowerment: Modi's Dig at Opposition During Tamil Nadu Visit

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Taking a swipe at the opposition, the prime minister asked if he was so 'bad' and government had not been working, why was an alliance being formed.

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Rahul Gandhi Changes Stand on Sabarimala Row, Says Can’t Spell Out ‘Open and Shut Position’

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Rahul Gandhi, who had earlier supported the entry of young women at the Lord Ayyappa temple, said he now thinks people in favour of the traditional ban also have valid arguments.

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BJP Workers Jolted by UP Alliance, Desperate to Join SP and BSP Now, Says Akhilesh Yadav

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Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav said that the BJP leaders have given up after the tie-up of two regional giants.

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The Formula That Will Determine Bua-Bhatija's Success Against BJP in Lok Sabha Polls

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Political watchers say that the alliance would not have been possible if Mulayam and Shivpal had dominated the Samajwadi Party's affairs.

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No Traditional Makar Sankranti Feast at Lalu Yadav's Residence This Year

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The Rashtriya Janata Dal is upset after Lalu Prasad Yadav was denied bail. The party said that it would not celebrate the 'chuda-dahi' festival in the absence of their chief.

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Rahul Gandhi Vows to Reform GST, ‘Embrace’ Foreign Investment as Polls Near

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The Congress president said that foreign investment is at a multi-year low in India due to the 'ill-advised and badly thought out economic moves' such as the currency ban and a 'poorly designed GST'.

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Do Not Impose Your Sexism on Me: Rahul Gandhi Defends 'Misogynistic' Remarks Against Sitharaman

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Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said he would have made similar comments had a man been in charge of the defence ministry.

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Snubbed by Mayawati and Akhilesh, Rahul Gandhi Promises 'Full Force', Surprises in Lok Sabha Battle

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Speaking in in Dubai, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said he won’t be disappointed about the SP-BSP alliance as long as the BJP does not come to power.

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Fasten Your Seat Belts: Modi, Mayawati and Rahul Have Officially Started 2019 Poll Race

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Political analysts opine that the timing of Mayawati and Akhilesh’s joint press conference, closely coinciding with Modi’s speech is also an indication of how the two parties are trying to eclipse each other’s electoral prowess.

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TN CM Palaniswami Rejects Allegations Against Him in Kodanad Break-In Case, DMK Asks Him to Quit

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It emerged during the probe that Jayalalithaa's former driver C Kanagaraj and K V Sayan had allegedly plotted the crime.

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As Lok Sabha Elections Near, Modi Govt Showers Pre-poll Sops on Voters

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The measures are likely to be a drain on finances in Asia's third-biggest economy, where Modi government is trying to stick to a decade-low fiscal deficit target of 3.3 percent of the gross domestic product.

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Congress in Alliance or Not, End Result Same for BJP: Rahul Gandhi After SP-BSP's Snub

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Gandhi asserted that the Congress party now has to stand alone in UP and expressed confidence that it could spring a surprise.

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Congress Accuses Govt of 'Misusing' CVC, Demands to Reinstate Alok Verma

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Former CBI director Alok Verma had on Friday asked the government to treat him "deemed superannuated" with immediate effect.

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'Perhaps This Isn’t the Last Word’: Chidambaram on SP-BSP Alliance Snubbing Congress in UP

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While most party leaders have cautiously maintained a studied silence, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday said his party hoped there would be a rethink on the SP-BSP alliance for Uttar Pradesh.

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Gujarat High Court Frames Issues in Plea Against Ahmed Patel's Rajya Sabha Win

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Earlier this month, the Supreme Court had asked Ahmed Patel to face trial in connection with his election to the Rajya Sabha.

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After SP-BSP Alliance Snub, Rahul Gandhi to Go on Rally Spree in Uttar Pradesh

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Gandhi is slated to address 10 public meetings in Uttar Pradesh in February and is slated to make more frequent visits to the state in the run up to the polls in a bid to boost the party's prospects.

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'Had Atalji Remained PM': In Modi's Poll Message, A Warning Against Complacency to BJP Cadre

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Modi said leaders in the opposition only wanted to benefit their family members, but BJP believed in development for all.

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Set the Poll Campaign Narrative Around PM Modi's Matchless Leadership: Jaitley to BJP Workers

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He said the primary issue in the Lok Sabha polls would be who would lead the country, followed by the performance of the Modi government.

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Engaged in Building Anti-BJP Front, Mamata Hails SP-BSP Alliance in Uttar Pradesh

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A vociferous critic of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo has been touring the country over the last one year, trying to build an Opposition alliance to take on the saffron party in the Lok Sabha polls.

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Lalu Uses Urdu Verse to Say He Has Not Lost Verve Despite Failing Health

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The video talks about the various challenges faced by Prasad, whose bail plea was rejected by the Jharkhand High Court earlier this week.

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On PM Modi’s 'Majboor-vs-Majboot Sarkar' Remark, Cong Calls Lok Sabha Polls a Fight Between Dictatorship and Democracy

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Earlier, Modi had asserted that the opposition parties were coming together as they wanted to form a "majboor" government to promote nepotism and corruption, whereas the saffron party wanted a "majboot" dispensation for an all-round development of the country.

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Mayawati Jogs Elephantine Memory, Rakes Up June 2, 1995, in Press Conference to Akhilesh's Discomfort

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The incident, one of the ugliest in the political history of Uttar Pradesh, unfolded when Mayawati pulled support from the Mulayam Singh Yadav government, reducing it to a minority.

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KCR Runs One-Man Show in Telangana as Suspense Over What’s Delaying Cabinet Expansion Continues

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On Sunday, exactly a month would pass since the swearing-in ceremony. Since then, no one has been added to KCR’s Cabinet.

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Paswan's Estranged Daughter Slams Him for 'Angootha Chhap' Jibe

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Paswan had on Friday attacked the opposition RJD for opposing the NDA-led government's bill to provide 10% reservation for the economically backward in general category.

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Kumaraswamy Refutes Making ‘Clerk’ Remark, Accuses PM Modi of Misleading Public

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Kumaraswamy has told the PM that his coalition government will complete its term and no one can deter him.

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The Secret Behind Mayawati Leaving Two Seats for Congress in UP Despite Alliance Snub

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Political analysts hinted at a larger political understanding behind the alliance arithmetic as it allows the Congress to eat into BJP's vote share.

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SP, BSP Will Contest 38 Seats Each in UP; Congress Kept Out of Alliance

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The parties, however, said they would not field candidates in Amethi and Rae Bareli, represented by Congress president Rahul Gandhi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

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In Strong Pitch for Modi Sarkar 2.0, PM Promises Economic Quota Won’t Hurt Caste Reservations

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Ahead of the elections now, BJP seems to be making calibrated changes in its poll strategy - 10% reservations to the economically weaker sections has been promised.

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जब चार शेर सड़क पर निकल पड़े तो बढ़ गईं कार ड्राइवरों की धड़कनें, VIDEO वायरल

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एक वीडियो सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल हो गया है जिसमें तीन शेर सड़क पर चले जे रहे...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2AHyPn0

कैच पकड़ने के चक्कर में चेहरे पर लग गई गेंद, बहता रहा खून और हंसते रहा खिलाड़ी, देखें VIDEO

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Big Bash League में ऐसा हादसा हुआ जिसने हर किसी को हैरान कर दिया. मेलबर्न रेनेगेड्स...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2FpNupV

सिगरेट पीने और तंबाकू खाने वालों की अब खैर नहीं, Delhi Metro ने निकाला फरमान

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दिल्ली मेट्रो स्टेशन परिसरों व उसके आसपास सिगरेट पीने और तंबाकू खाने...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2AHyIrA

एक बार चार्ज से 800 KM तक चलेंगे इलेक्ट्रिक व्हीकल, पेट्रोल-डीजल के बढ़ते दाम से मिलेगा छुटकारा

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वैज्ञानिकों ने ऐसी कई द्विआयामी वस्तुएं विकसित करने का दावा किया है जो...

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PUBG टूर्नामेंट 2019 में जो बनेगा विनर उसको मिलेंगे 1 करोड़ रुपये, चिकन डिनर के साथ बन सकते हैं करोड़पति

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मोबाइल गेम पबजी मोबाइल ने अपने लांच के बाद से शानदार कामयाबी हासिल की है और...

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लड़की ने कैमरे के सामने किया था राहुल द्रविड़ को शादी के लिए प्रपोज, गुस्से में किया था ऐसा, देखें VIDEO

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टीम इंडिया की 'दीवार' नाम से पहचाने जाने वाले राहुल द्रविड़ (Rahul Dravid) 46 वर्ष के हो...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2H6LbKI

PUBG की लत से शख्स खुद को मारने लगा मुक्के, खो दिया मानसिक संतुलन, डॉक्टर भी हुए हैरान

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जम्मू-कश्मीर में ऐसा हादसा हुआ जिसने हर किसी को हैरान कर दिया. PUBG का क्रेज...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2Fkz9Md

छत्तीसगढ़ में बनने जा रहा है मगरमच्छ का मंदिर, जानिए क्या है माजरा

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मगरमच्छ की आयु लगभग 130 वर्ष की थी. गंगाराम पूर्ण विकसित नर मगरमच्छ था. उसका वजन...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2SPLgEb

विराट कोहली ने केएल राहुल और हार्दिक पंड्या पर दिया बयान, महिलाओं पर की थी विवादित टिप्पणी

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हार्दिक पंड्या (Hardik Pandya) और केएल राहुल (KL Rahul) ने लोकप्रिय टीवी शो 'कॉफी विद करण' (Koffee...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2Fqy7xj

इस पाकिस्तानी शख्स ने 200 महिला डॉक्टरों और नर्सों को किया ब्लैकमेल, मिली सज़ा जुर्म की ये है वजह

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पाकिस्तान की एक अदालत ने एक शख्स को 24 सालों की सज़ा सुनाई है. उसे 200 महिला...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2SMQyAe

बच्चा Lefty होगा या करेगा सीधे हाथ का इस्तेमाल, मां की इस आदत से करें पता

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बच्चा लेफ्टी होगा या करेगा सीधे हाथ का इस्तेमाल, रिसर्च ने बताया स्तनपान से...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2AKh3iI

टीम इंडिया के खिलाफ ऑस्ट्रेलिया पहनेगा 33 साल पुरानी जर्सी, जानिए आखिर क्या है वजह

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भारत और ऑस्ट्रेलिया (India Vs Australia) के बीच वनडे सीरीज 12 जनवरी से शुरू होगी.वनडे में...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2FlCmev

Ind Vs Aus: रोहित शर्मा ने जड़ा शतक तो सचिन-विराट छोड़िए, विवियन रिचर्ड्स का भी तोड़ देंगे ये रिकॉर्ड

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ऑस्ट्रेलिया में इस खास रिकॉर्ड के लिए रोहित शर्मा (Rohit Sharma) और विराट कोहली (Rohit Sharma)...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2ACPfgj

टीचर ने गाना गाकर सिखाई बच्चों को इंग्लिश, कुमार विश्वास बोले- हमें भी ऐसे सिखाते तो शशि थरूर बन जाते, देखें VIDEO

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भोजपुरी अंदाज में गाना गाकर टीचर ने सिखाई बच्चों को इंग्लिश, कुमार विश्वास...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2SQzLwj

शख्स घर के बाहर तीन घंटे तक करता रहा ये घिनौनी हरकत, CCTV में कैद हुआ VIDEO

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कैलीफोर्निया में कुछ ऐसा हुआ जिसने हर किसी को हैरान कर दिया. एक शख्स घर के...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2CaL4s7

DM ने प्राइवेट स्कूल छोड़ बेटी को भेजा आंगनवाड़ी, पेश की मिसाल

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तिरुनेलवेली की जिला (Tirunelveli district) कलेक्टर ने अनी बेटी को प्राइवेट स्कूल को छोड़...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2SPMxuP

Rishabh Pant को अभी भी याद कर रही हैं टिम पेन की पत्नी, बोलीं- काश वो यहां होता तो...

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टीम इंडिया ने एक तरफ ऑस्ट्रेलिया के खिलाफ टेस्ट सीरीज (India Vs Australia) जीतकर इतिहास...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2RDisRY

एक गेंद पर चाहिए थे 6 रन, बिना बॉल खेले जीत गए मुकाबला, देखता रह गया बल्लेबाज, देखें VIDEO

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लोकल टूर्नामेंट आदर्श क्रिकेट ग्लब द्वारा मैच खेला गया था. जहां एक गेंद पर 6...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2RAFid1

ऋषभ पंत को रोहित शर्मा ने BabySitting का दिया ऑफर, पलटकर मिला ये जवाब

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रोहित शर्मा (Rohit Sharma) और रितिका सजदेह (Ritika Sajdeh) को बेटी हुई है. रोहित शर्मा चाहते हैं...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2RAFc59

घर आने के बाद नहीं होगी ऑफिस का फोन और मेल का जवाब देने की मजबूरी, लोकसभा में पेश हुआ बिल

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ऑफिस आर्स के बाद कर्मचारी को कॉल्स को डिसकनेक्ट कर सके. इस बिल में...

from NDTV Khabar - Zara-hatke http://bit.ly/2RnUo6q

हिमाचल प्रदेश के पहाड़ों में बिछी 'सफेद चादर', बर्फबारी देखने के लिए पहुंच रहे हैं पर्यटक

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लोकप्रिय पर्यटन स्थलों शिमला, मनाली और डलहौजी में रातभर हुई बर्फबारी के...

from NDTV Khabar - Pramukh-khabrein http://bit.ly/2H97W0B

आम्रपाली दुबे के बर्थडे पर भोजपुरी स्टार्स ने यूं मचाया तहलका, जश्न की तस्वीरें इंटरनेट पर वायरल

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भोजपुरी सिनेमा के तमाम बड़ी हस्तियों ने उनके बर्थडे पर शिरकत की. आम्रपाली...

from NDTV Khabar - Pramukh-khabrein http://bit.ly/2RKwh0N

VHP ने कहा- कोई भी कोर्ट यह तय नहीं कर सकती की भगवान राम अयोध्या में पैदा हुए थे या नहीं

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विहिप के अंतरराष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष विष्णु सदाशिव कोकजे ने कहा, 'धार्मिक आस्था...

from NDTV Khabar - Pramukh-khabrein http://bit.ly/2HiCMnU

शिखर धवन की बेटी से डांस सीखने की कोशिश करते रोहित शर्मा का VIDEO, सामने बैठी थीं आयशा

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रोहित शर्मा और शिखर धवन कई सालों से टीम इंडिया के ओपनिंग की जिम्मेदारी संभाल...

from NDTV Khabar - Pramukh-khabrein http://bit.ly/2sqCnWa

एमपी: CM को 'डाकू' कहने वाले टीचर को कमलनाथ ने किया माफ, दी सलाह- छात्रों को शिक्षा दें

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इस मामले में शनिवार को मुख्यमंत्री कमलनाथ ने बयान जारी करते हुए कहा, 'मुझे...

from NDTV Khabar - Pramukh-khabrein http://bit.ly/2RLYjt1

सपना चौधरी ने अपने चेहरे की मुस्कान संग गाया ये सॉन्ग, Video इंटरनेट पर हुआ वायरल

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सपना चौधरी को अक्सर अपने सोशल मीडिया अकाउंट्स पर कुछ न कुछ नया करते हुए देखा...

from NDTV Khabar - Pramukh-khabrein http://bit.ly/2Ha2evE

Priya Prakash Varrier ने फिर बिखेरा अपनी अदाओं का जादू, घायल हो गए विक्की कौशल, देखें Video

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Priya Prakash Varrier: प्रिया प्रकाश वारियर (Priya Prakash Varrier) और विक्की कौशल (Vicky Kaushal) का अनोखा अंदाज...

from NDTV Khabar - Pramukh-khabrein http://bit.ly/2RSaJjf

SP-BSP से झटके के बाद यूपी में क्या होगी कांग्रेस की 'रणनीति', आज करेगी अपने प्लान का ऐलान

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यूपी में गठबंधन के इस माहौल के बीच अब कांग्रेस ने भी शनिवार को दिल्ली में...

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चीन में कोयले की खदान धंसने से मृतकों की संख्या बढ़कर हुई 21

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चीन के शांक्सी प्रांत में एक कोयला खदान की छत ढहने से मृतकों की संख्या बढ़कर...

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Simmba Box Office Collection Day 16: रणवीर सिंह की 'सिंबा' ने कर डाली धुएंदार कमाई, दुनियाभर से 350 करोड़ का कलेक्शन

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फिल्म ने दुनियाभर से ग्रास बॉक्स ऑफिस कलेक्शन (Gross Box Office Collection) के मामले में 350...

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URI Box Office Collection: 'उरी: द सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक' कर रही है ताबड़तोड़ कमाई, विक्की कौशल की फिल्म ने बटोरे इतने करोड़

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URI Box Office Collection Day 2: रिलीज के पहले दिन यानी शुक्रवार को फिल्म 'उरी: द सर्जिकल...

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सपा-बसपा गठबंधन पर बोले शिवपाल यादव- यह मेरे बिना अधूरा है, भाजपा को हराने के लिए सेक्युलर फ्रंट की जरूरत

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कुछ दिन पहले ही शिवपाल ने सपा में शामिल होने की संभावना से तो इनकार कर दिया...

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Rajinikath's Petta, Viswasam Box Office Collection Day 3: रजनीकांत की 'पेट्टा' को मिली अजीत की 'विस्वासम' से टक्कर, ताबड़तोड़ हो रही कमाई

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रजनीकांत (Rajinikath) अपनी फिल्म 'पेट्टा' (Petta) से फिर दर्शकों के दिल बनाने में कामयाब...

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Lohri 2019: लोहड़ी के 10 सबसे शानदार Status, लगाएं अपने WhatsApp और Facebook पर

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Happy Lohri 2019 Status: लोहड़ी के मैसेजेस के साथ-साथ अपने WhatsApp और Facebook पर लगाएं लख-लख बधाई...

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2019: गुरु गोबिंद सिंह की 352वीं जयंती, उनकी वाणी के साथ जानिए उनका परिचय

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14 जनवरी को गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जी की जंयती (Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti) मनाई जा रही है. यह 352वीं...

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: गुरु गोविंद सिंह जी की 352वीं जयंती, इस मैसेजेस से दें सभी को लख-लख बधाई

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: सिखों के 10वें गुरु यानी गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जी (Guru Gobind Singh) की लोहड़ी (Lohri) के...

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"सवा लाख से एक लड़ाऊं, चिड़ियन ते मैं बाज तुड़ाऊं, तबै गुरु गोबिंद सिंह नाम कहाऊं", जानिए सिखों  के 10वें गुरु के 20 अनमोल वचन

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: गुरु गोबिंद सिंह (Guru Gobind Singh) सिख धर्म के 10वें गुरु, दार्शनिक और कवि हैं....

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हार्दिक पंड्या और केएल राहुल को बड़ा झटका, आस्ट्रेलिया-न्यूजीलैंड दौर पर 2 नए युवाओं ने ली जगह

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दोनों ही खिलाड़ियों ने महिलाओं से जुड़े सवाल पर अभद्र भाषा का प्रयोग किया...

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शिखर धवन की बेटी से डांस सीखने की कोशिश करते रोहित शर्मा का VIDEO, सामने बैठी थीं आयशा

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रोहित शर्मा और शिखर धवन कई सालों से टीम इंडिया के ओपनिंग की जिम्मेदारी संभाल...

from NDTV Khabar - Cricket http://bit.ly/2sqCnWa

क्या अंपायर के गलत फैसले से हारी टीम इंडिया? देखें धोनी के आउट होने का VIDEO

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महेंद्र सिंह धोनी ने शनिवार को आस्ट्रेलिया के खिलाफ पहले वनडे में 96 गेंदों...

from NDTV Khabar - Cricket http://bit.ly/2MboPqE

India vs Australia 1st ODI: रोहित का शतक बेकार, यह बन गई हार की 'सबसे बड़ी वजह'

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AUS vs IND, 1st ODI: भारत की खराब शुरुआत सिर मुंडाते ही ओले पड़नी जैसी नहीं,बल्कि इससे भी...

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हार्दिक पंड्या व केएल राहुल को बीसीसीआई का भारत लौटने का फरमान, दोनों तत्काल प्रभाव से निलंबित

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दरअसल इन दोनों खिलाड़ियों ने फिल्म अभिनेता करण जौहर के शो, कॉफी विद करण में...

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Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you — January 13, 2018

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Check out today's horoscope 

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2019: Famous 'shabads' by the spiritual leader

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The Sikh guru was born in Patna, Bihar and he was the only son of his parents. 

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Rani Chatterjee slays in her new look-See pic

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The sizzling diva of the Bhojpuri film industry Rani Chatterjee, who keeps experimenting with her looks, has shared the picture of her new look.

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This Monalisa pose will drive away your blues-See pic

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One of the most sought after actresses in the Bhojpuri industry Monalisa is a rage on social media. Her posts go viral seconds after they are shared on social media. Mona, recently, took to Instagram to share a stunning picture of herself from the sets of Nazar.

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Jab We Met actor Kishore Pradhan dies at 86

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Veteran actor Kishore Pradhan, known for his roles in Hindi and Marathi films, breathed his last at the age of 86. The actor was known for his contribution to the theatre world as well as the film industry.

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First look of Nani starrer Jersey out

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Well, who wouldn’t love to watch a film based on a sport? Especially when it is all about cricket, people just wait to watch it on the big screen. In Telugu, one can mostly get to watch commercial entertainers. Very less number of films, based on sports are made in Tollywood. Thanks to actor Nani, he has already done a film on Kabaddi, for Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu in 2010 and now, he is back with another film on sports and it is titled Jersey, a film made in the backdrop of cricket.

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Lohri 2019: Best SMS, Whatsapp & Facebook messages for your loved ones

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It's that time of the year again when people gather around the holy bonfire and offer 'Lohri prasad' in hope of getting rid of all their troubles. Lohri is a festival celebrated in India with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm on January 13 everywhere. Lohri is widely celebrated across North India.

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Deepika Padukone declines Ranveer Singh starrer '83 for this reason?

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Well, that is sad news for all those who were hoping to see Deepika and Ranveer together in '83.

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Really cool: Keanu Reeves on getting cast in 'Toy Story 4'

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Actor Keanu Reeves says getting a part to play in Disney-Pixar's upcoming animated feature "Toy Story 4" was a "really cool" moment for him. 

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Kate Mara expecting first child with husband Jamie Bell

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Actors Jamie Bell and Kate Mara are expecting their first child together.

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Christina Aguilera appreciates Lady Gaga's decision to remove R Kelly duet

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Christina Aguilera has offered support to Lady Gaga for her decision to remove her duet with R Kelly, "Do What U Want?, from streaming services and digital music retailers.

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Melissa McCarthy recalls interview when she was asked about her 'tremendous size'

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Actor Melissa McCarthy has recalled an old interview where the interviewer tried to body shame her by asking questions about her "tremendous size".

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Dwayne Johnson says his 'snowflake generation' interview 'never happened'

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The "Jumanji" star also clarified that he has no idea where the "snowflake generation" term came from. 

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Rani Chatterjee's latest workout video will inspire you to hit the gym—Watch

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We couldn't agree more with the caption!

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"सवा लाख से एक लड़ाऊं, चिड़ियन ते मैं बाज तुड़ाऊं, तबै गुरु गोबिंद सिंह नाम कहाऊं", जानिए सिखों  के 10वें गुरु के 20 अनमोल वचन

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: गुरु गोबिंद सिंह (Guru Gobind Singh) सिख धर्म के 10वें गुरु, दार्शनिक और कवि हैं....

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Surreal feeling that audience has accepted 'Uri...' says Vicky Kaushal

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Actor Vicky Kaushal, who is playing the role of an Indian commando in the recently released 'Uri - The Surgical Strike', has said the entire film team is going through a surreal feeling that audience has accepted their war-drama film with open arms.

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All the criticism makes you stronger: Karan Johar

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Filmmaker Karan Johar reads up everything being written about him on social media, and says he finds strength from the praise and the criticism.

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Keerthy Suresh roped in for a female-centric film

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To be directed by Narendra, the film will be produced by Mahesh Koneru under East Coast Productions.

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Akkineni Nagarjuna to team up with Rahul Ravindran for Manmadhudu

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Actor Akkineni Nagarjuna’s recent film DevDas has was a huge blockbuster. He was seen having fun and dancing in group at Rajamouli’s on Karthikeya’s wedding at Jaipur. The actor hasn’t announced any updates about his upcoming films in recent times.

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Bharat: Varun Dhawan to play the role of young Dhirubhai Ambani in the film?

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Varun may be playing the role of business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani in the film.

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Ranveer Singh begins preparing for Kabir Khan's '83—See pic

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Ranveer has started prepping up for his next film titled '83 which is a sports drama 

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Live Bihar

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RTI से बड़ा खुलासा, भोजन पर आने वाला खर्च सरकार नहीं खुद अपनी जेब से उठाते हैं पीएम मोदी

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from Facebook https://switchstohappy.com/2018/12/17/rti-से-बड़ा-खुलासा-भोजन-पर-आने-व/


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मोहम्मद ने खिलाया खाना और दुनिया छोड़कर चला गया भारत का लाल-शव का पोस्टमार्टम तक नहीं कराया गया

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